Fresh Start

Let’s chat skin care regimens, shall we? After two years of my regimen, I'm convinced it's the reason my skin stays so healthy and clear! Prior to my current brand, I wasn’t picky, as long as it was expensive… I thought that’s what really mattered when it came to “quality beauty products.” And as for Marq (the hubs,) he had Clean and Clear in his shower since about age 12… woof!

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New Year, New Skin

It's cold outside, the weather is dry which means our skin is too! New Year, Same You - but let's winterize our skin and bring back that healthy glow! Here are my top 6 product picks that will help give you- 
your BEST look! New Year, New You!

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Sexy, Chic + Confident

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” For me, this is one of my favorite winter outfit looks that does just that! I love an all black look anyway... But, this! I especially love how I feel in this one! To me this look says sexy, stylish, chic confident and bad… If I had to wear a uniform, this may be it…

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