We Are Memphis- Featured Memphian


What a fun surprise to receive on a Monday morning! I woke up to a surprise article that had been published and written by We Are Memphis. I’ve re-read this several times. What an honor! There is no city I’d rather live in, influence + serve, more than Memphis, TN.

Almost two years ago, I helped bring a direct sales global Beauty Brand, LimeLife by Alcone, to Memphis. With an eleven year background in business and sales (also, in Memphis,) I found it fitting to land in the Beauty industry where I could play in the products I love, while living out my passion of helping mentor, coach and lead women of all walks of life. Currently, we have a team of roughly 2200 women representing the brand and 40,000 others -globally.

BMC Memphis

There are very few- more important things in life, than empowering those around you and positively impacting your city. Making an impact ON and IN this community is my mission! Changing lives every single day is my passion! Thank you, We Are Memphis! To read the article, click here!

We heart Memphis!