Venus Legacy

BMC Venus Legacy

We’re back at the MedSpa working on this three baby tummy! I teamed up with A Beautiful You Med Spa to try out their Venus Legacy treatments. Apparently, it works! So, of course I must try! Why not?

I told y’all before but, after having had three babies and five pregnancies, I cannot seem to get this baby belly gone! I workout, I eat healthy-ish & consider myself to be health conscious. So, sure! I’ll try using a hot shower head to wake up my collagen to tighten and tone this tummy! Especially, if all I have to do is basically get my tummy massaged while playing on my phone. It’s not painful, it actually feels nice because of the heat…. I’ll keep you all posted on my results and give you honest feedback on if it truly works!

Obv, you can tell my stomach is no where near perfect but perfect is not what I’m going for. I want to feel more confident in my own skin and I’m finally, after all these years, confident in baring all. Here it is. My three baby, 34 year old tummy that likes to eat, drink and be merry.

I wonder if it will make my Ass more tone? Hmmm…. next blog post coming stat!

Ps. Check out that third baby C-Section scar! More importantly, that face by LimeLife by Alcone.