Two Years of Life Lessons


On one hand I feel like I just took the leap yesterday. On another it feels like I’ve been doing this my whole life. We often ask ourselves what our purpose is, what we’re “meant” to do, who we’re “supposed” to be... Two years ago, I quit everything I knew about my corporate career and chose my family. I wanted better for them. Financially, I was providing but emotionally, I was at work. My mind was always on my next task. When I chose LimeLife, I hoped to make new friends and finally have the excuse to buy all the Makeup I wanted... I never dreamed this would be my path. We all know the stigma with this...

Two years today:

The incredible life lessons I learn every single day are invaluable. I’ve learned that living outside the box + choosing a different path even when it’s not the norm, can be better than ok! I’ve learned that life is hard! Everyone has a different story and everyone is struggling with something which means there is a greater purpose to have a listening ear, choosing to Be Kind + to ALWAYS Choose Love. I’ve learned that strangers are faster to support you than your closet circle which really, is meant to be that way, so that you can build new relationships and touch more lives as you go throughout life! I’ve learned that self acceptance and self love are a basic life necessity! If you can’t be happy with who you are, it’s hard to live on purpose! I’ve learned that you don’t have to have a college degree, masters degree or even a degree at all— you can name your price and do anything you want if you put your mind to it and get to work! I’ve learned that no paycheck can take the place of a relationship... Which also brings me to this... working from home the past two years, has been an unbelievable blessing. Though I have an office, my kids come in and out, play in the floor, give me all the hugs and kisses we can handle, which allows me to work on their schedules. The past two years have been nothing short of a dream. Of COURSE there have been many struggles along the way but at the end of the day, there is no other office I’d rather walk into than this! I’m so grateful for these past two years & how it’s helping me become and teaching me to be—a better version.

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XO, Britt