The People Behind the Blog

Let me introduce to you the reason(s) my heart beats.


Marq and I met on a blind date. I laugh now but looking back, I don't know how we worked out! I know what you're thinking! No, we didn't meet online. The girl that introduced us, described him as "successful but wild enough to be fun." No words have ever been more true. He tries hard to keep it in check but he has a wild hair to him that keeps me, and everyone else, on our toes.  When I met Marq, he was a TRUE bachelor, in every definition. I walked into the relationship with my first son, Jacks, who was 13 months at the time. Lucky Marq got a two-for. I remember the day Marq pulled into my driveway with a carseat in his bachelor ride- Land Rover Defender. Talk about an immediate DTR. (After taking a few days of a break,) I've now learned to very much appreciate him for these simple but heartfelt gestures he's continued throughout our relationship. We got married in exactly a year, have been married 5.5 years and now have three kids. As for his day job? Marq is a successful Realtor here in Memphis. 

A sweet picture of the three of us when Marq and I were dating.

A sweet picture of the three of us when Marq and I were dating.

"Jacks" is 6, almost 7, years old and is ALL boy. He has the best and biggest heart but is as wild and as hyper as they come. He knows one speed....FAST. He runs everywhere he goes and is quite possibly the most athletic kid that ever lived. Jacks taught himself how to run on his 9 month birthday, was tackling the monkey bars at three and taught himself how to swim by doing a back flip off the driving board at 3.5. True Story! His athletic abilities are what's going to retire me one day. 

Myers Atley "Mazee" is our gorgeous 3 year oldl. She's exactly what I imagined when I found out we were having a girl. She's just as sweet as she is pretty and has the voice of an angel.. except when she cries. Her cry has a pitch that will shatter glass. Mazee is a care taker. She has three babies of her own, outside of her two brothers. She sneaks heels at night, puts them on and wears them to bed under her sheets. She carries a purse and wears accessories everywhere she goes. If I am remembering correctly, her first words were "Hair Bow." Her personality, long blonde hair and big blue eyes remind me everyday that my mother was right. Payback IS a bitch. I have created a mini version of myself.

Baby Gates is 20 months. He is a mini version of his daddy. He's the one we keep wondering about. He's so sweet, is the only one that will sit still and let you hold him. He's super chill until he gets mad. That new temper is fierce! All the sudden my precious calm and easy third child has a personality and mind of his own... we're not sure about this one other than being the absolute cutest baby ever!


One thing is certain, I am blessed beyond measure! My family completes me in every way. My blonde haired- blue eyed babies have me wrapped! That husband of mine, I don't know what I did to deserve him but he's the exact person I need. He's most definitely my person...