Memphis Fashion Week: Becky with the Good Hair

© Frank Chin

© Frank Chin


I've found my calling. Fast pace, Fashion, Glam & Style. Hello! I'm in the industry. Why the hell not! In my skinny(er) days, I actually was a freeze model for MFW. Now that I'm in the makeup world, it only makes sense to Sponsor and head freeze models for the events.

Experience of a lifetime...


I asked four kickA Memphis makeup artists to represent my brand as part of the MFW Support Team and help me apply my LimeLife by Alcone products. After rolling in with a carload of Makeup trunks and eyelashes, Alicia George, Faizah Husniyah, Mallory Christian and Matt Gossett all showed up and showed out! Seriously, their work is so good! 1000 times over, they are incredible at what they do.


Images below © Frank Chin

Friday night, the show was at Graceland in Elvis's car museum with Rachel Roy as the Headline Designer. She's just as beautiful as she is talented. Earlier that day, I got to watch her style backstage for fittings, which was seriously cool. Watching her work took me back to my younger days when all I could think about was designing clothes. No doubt she has an eye... and good hair.

Friday night was a whirlwind for my crew. Models were headed out while others were headed in. We spent most of our time backstage making sure everything stayed in place, and added a few touches here and there but honestly, there was NO time for majors changes. Their makeup looked FABULOUS. Still so proud and so pleased.


Images below © Liquid

Saturday Night's Emerging Designer show was at Memphis College of Art. Saturday felt a little more intimate, but also very energetic. I loved seeing all the beautiful pieces from local designers and artists. For us, things were a lot more laid back Saturday night than we were Friday. As for makeup, they looked INCREDIBLE.

This was bucket list stuff. It was just as fun as it sounds and I've never been more proud to put my name on something. If only one of them could follow me around to do 'my' hair and makeup daily.

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