Spring Makeup Picks: A LimeLife Collection

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This year's makeup trend seems to be all about that dewy, glowing look. Now that's something I can get behind! Okay...so let's talk about my LimeLife by Alcone Spring Picks. *Side note, LimeLife is a newer company that has been well known by celebrities. I've seen some of their before and afters, "I'll have whatever she's having!" 

With the changing weather not too hot, not too cold, I feel like it's a lot easier to add an oil to your skin while we're not in the heat of the Memphis summer. Dew Datepreviously known as Must Dew, is our hydrating face oil... (nailed it!) Must Dew. This oil can be applied to your clean, bare face as a moisturizer, added to your foundation for a creamier feel or added after you've applied your makeup for a healthy glow.  I also add this product to my hair, to tame my mane.

While we're talking glow, LimeLife by Alcone's Blush #6 is a fan favorite! This blush doubles as a highlighter and gives the perfect afterglow. Paired with LimeLife by Alcone's Perfect Bronzer, you'll have the perfect sun-kissed look!

As for my personal signature Spring Look; Must Dew / Dew Date, Blush #6, Angel Food ELC or Macaroon lips, and our Perfect Mascara! A pink eyeshadow on top of your lid and under your eye (I recommend our Blush Hour) as a subtle smoke puts the icing on the cake!


Above is my ad in the 2018 Memphis Fashion Week Program! See the entire program here.

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XO, Britt