Strawberry Fields Forever


"Let me take you down, cause I'm going to... Strawberry Fields."

It's impossible for me to pick strawberries without singing the Beatles. We're in the middle of Spring which to me means, buy all fresh foods... Or pick, when given the opportunity. If you haven't taken your kids to pick strawberries, do it! If you don't have kids, take a friend! The fresh taste is worth the time! My kids thought it was the best day of their life. They picked. They ate. They ran. They played. Picked a little more, ate a little more and loved every minute.


I took my two youngest kids, Mazee and Gates, while Jacks was in school, for a fun outting to the strawberry field at the Agricenter run by Jones Orchard, here in Memphis. For $17 we got an entire over flowing bucket full of fresh strawberries that we picked!


Endless options to make with all of these fresh strawberries! With the pool opening up, no warm spring day is complete without cold, fresh strawberries outside for snack! I'm thinking Strawberry Shortcake tonight for the kids, of course...