CoolSculpting: A Beauty Review


I recently tried something new. CoolSculpting. If you haven't heard of it, now you have. Basically, it freezes the fat off of your targeted area and over a 12 week period, somehow the fat is broken down and vanishes. Maybe you pee it out... Or maybe I just make that up? Either way, they had me at non-invasive. And the, likely altered, before and after photos.


After five pregnancies and having birthed three, my tummy is not where I'd like it to be. I work out, I eat healthy-ish, and would consider myself to be very health conscious. But, I could use a little help on my tummy. I feel like I've tried it all. Some may say I could eat a little healthier and workout a little more, but let's keep it real. Ain't nobody got more time for that. And for you judge mcjudgerson, an even more vein reason is that we just bought a house with a pool and I'd like to get back into my bikini and look hot for my hubby.


Don't judge. I'll have you know, it actually wasn't bad at all! I showed up, stripped down, lied on a comfortable esthetics bed and Dr. Kris Leventhal at East Memphis Aesthetics did her thing. •If you go see her, mention my name and tell me so we can compare CoolSculpting stories.

A suction cup was placed on my targeted area (tummy) for 35 minutes. The first two minutes were freezing.. pun intended. After that, it went numb and I didn't feel a thing. Post procedure, I felt fine. I got up and walked out. No soreness, no bruising just a little numb and redness from the cold.

As for my results, I feel great. I'm still in the 12 week window and already feeling more confident. Isn't that what really matters in life? Does it matter that I did a thing? Shouldn't it just matter that I'm feeling more confident in my own skin? Non-invasive and Easy Peezy.

I would absolutely recommend Cool Sculpting if you have a stubborn area that won't seem to budge...

After results and pictures to follow... Brace yourself for a better version of the mom bod.