Memphis Moms: VBS Camps

BMC BLOG-Memphis Moms: VBS Camps

Calling all parents! Looking for free camps for your kids this summer? You'll need a minute and we all could use more Jesus. Win-Win. I've signed two of my three up for VBS this summer. The real question is how many are too many? Are you chasing VBS's around town? I ain't judgin'. If you're in Memphis and want to find a VBS near you, click here. If you're not in Memphis but have kids, look for a VBS in your area. Your kids will sing, play, dance, learn the gospel and catch up with friends!

If you're one of those people judging what I just said, click here. HA!

If you're in Memphis, not interested in VBS but want more information on summer camps, click here. More to come on kids + summer.

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