Beg and Borrow: A Custom Apparel


When picking out an outfit, I tend to lean more towards transitional and staple pieces. 

I love neutrals, and by that I mean white, navy, blacks, classic, traditional pieces but I always add a staple piece to top it off. Personalities are identified by their outfits. It's a little like your car. Don't you feel like people's personalities identify with their vehicles? Same goes for your outfit. Whatever I choose to wear, I want to stand out. Tip by Britt: Regardless of what you're dressing for, always choose the dressier side than the casual and always look your best. For those you're just meeting, you only get one first impression.

My style is just that, Mine! I have a fashion + clothing obsession. I'm always a little over dressed every where I go, unless I'm at home with the kids and then it's Lululemnon or Sweaty Betty, a cropped sleeveless tank and black Cole Hauun tennis shoes. Even that is a little more on the dressier casual side of mom wear.


As a mom of three, I need comfortable, functioning clothing that I can chase the kids around in. On any given day, I go from picking up toys to sprinting out the door to drop the kids at school to a quick meeting followed by an after school playdate and up next, a fun happy hour- all in a days work. Often, it's the same outfit. So what outfit is appropriate for all of these?

My latest obsession is Beg and Borrow apparel. Beg and Borrow is a custom clothing line that was originally geared towards men. The line was intended to be Mens custom dress shirts paired with a custom suit. Monte Stewart, the designer behind the brand, quickly realized when meeting his male clients, that the wives and girlfriends were usually there asking, "What do you have for me?"

Brilliant! Monte now has an entire custom dress shirt line for women. This is where the stylist in me can play. You choose + design all of it: your print, fabric, color, texture, length, collar, cuff, button... ect. The options are endless and it's one of a kind.

Owner and Designer, Monte Stewart

Owner and Designer, Monte Stewart

Stylist, Lauren Draffin

Stylist, Lauren Draffin

The odds of someone having your exact dress are slim. I LOVE these dresses. They are the perfect transitional piece that can be dressed up or down depending on the jewelry and shoes you wear. They're comfortable, stylish and move around well. From day to night, I can wear my Beg and Borrow dress and depending on the occasion, swap the shoes for a completely different look. *If you go see Monte, tell him I sent you! Love to see your Beg and Borrow design!