Lovely Ladies with Fluffy Bottoms: Farm Fresh Eggs

There is no love like the love for Farm Fresh Eggs! My friend, Erica Bookout (who also Introduced me to my hubby) with Bookout Farms, delivers fresh eggs to your doorstep from her Smithville, Arkansas farm.


When I say these eggs are delish, I mean they are delish! My kids are obsessed. It's been hilarious to hear them demand these eggs for breakfast over store bought eggs... Full out fits, people, for who gets the last one. I try and trick them and keep all the fresh eggs for myself and they can tell the difference. So, I've had to up our order.


If you haven't tried these eggs, you must! They're fresh, beautiful, fluffy, the perfect yellow.. they are eggs-cellent! They're so good, I almost want to buy a coop and take one of these lovely ladies with fluffy bottoms for the Cobb family! Until then, we’re on the weekly delivery plan for Farm Fresh Eggs!



Get to know more about Bookout Farms here!