Decor, Design + Interiors: Dressy Den

One of my many passions is Interior Design. Champagne taste, beer budget... Champagne taste, forget about the budget! If you were to line up ten items, in no particular order, I will always choose and love the most expensive item in the lineup. It's a real gift, I tell you. (According to my mother, I've been this way since I could stand.)

This is also true for my home. As I told y'all earlier, Marq and I just moved into our new home. Decorating this house has been fun but a slow process. We are 5 months in and we feel like we're just now starting to fill in.


A little (lot) overwhelmed, I hired my favorite Memphis designer , Greg Baudoin Interior Design. He is incredible! I love everything about his style, the textures, the colors... everything. I knew if he walked in my home, whatever he decided to do would be exactly what I wanted. I also knew I would get my statement pieces from him. --I recently blogged about my style and how statement pieces are imperative. See here.


I met Greg at his FABULOUS showroom and picked several pieces for my house. I bought my first two French antique chests, an incredible dining room table, that seats 10, he had custom made in France, and two velvet chairs that are to die for. Everytime one of my kids gets close to them, I have a small heart attack. Did I mention that I didn't think expensive furniture and three small children through? 

I picked several other pieces along the way to help fill in. Another favorite spot to get everyday affordable pieces: Restoration Hardware, We love RH. We got our couches from there. Although, custom, they are dressy, comfortable and are the exact look we were going for. 

What I love about decorating is mixing styles to create your own. I love transitional pieces that tie all of the different styles together. What I really love are the European mount animal heads on each side of the back wall. They're fun, different and show a little more uniqueness.

All table accessories:  Social Memphis .

All table accessories: Social Memphis.

We have a LOT more work to do but I'm happy with the staple pieces, colors, fabrics and feel. I need Art over the fireplace, in the shelf and a new chandelier in a BIG way. Marq and I have agreed on the perfect piece of art: Lil Wayne by Ashley Longshore. Nothing says cool AF mom, like an Ashley Longshore: Weezy original.  Okay, Okay... we're not 100% sold but we definitely want a Weezy original in our house... maybe not over the fireplace. If you aren’t following Ashley Longshore, do yourself a favor. Thank me later.

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