The Happiest Hour: Hosting


Do you like to host? Yes? No? Maybe you're one that just likes to party. Allow me to give you the low down on how to host and throw the perfect easy but elegant party.


Another proud title I carry is Room Mom. Room Mom is actually a lot of work but it's fun to meet other parents along the way and be involved with the kids classes. Naturally, over-achiever here, I signed up for my two oldest kids classes as Room Mom.

I realized earlier this month that one of my duties was getting the parents together. We are almost through the school year, and I hadn't fulfilled this duty. I sent an email and asked all the parents in Myers Atley's class to join us for a Happy Hour after work at our new home.

I love hosting! I'm going to give you the perfect tips and tricks to hosting a great and budget friendly party or in my case, Happy Hour.

Before I jump into party deets, check out this outfit! I snagged this fun, Moroccan style, black and white lace dress in New Orleans at a precious boutique! For a more intimate party, I could've gone barefoot. But, since I didn't yet know a lot of the crowd, I chose white heels! 

Brand:  Endless Rose

Buy the necessities in advance. I knew we were going to be out of town before the party so I had all the wine, beer, chips, crackers and dips bought before we got back in town. Buy the Apps already made and heat them right before the party. In Memphis, we have a store, Curbside Casserole, that prepares food and sells frozen. Find one in your area! I bought three already prepared frozen apps that when needed can go straight into the oven. Offer Beer and Wine. Choose your favorites so your guests can get to know a little more about you. We chose to serve a local beer, ghost river, a red and a rosé. Also, a good cheese tray (add green grapes) tops off all parties. Who doesn't love cheese? Britt Tip: The way you host a party tells your guests a little bit of who you are through the way you host! Showcase your favorite pieces, vases, recipes, wines..ect so they can get to know a little more about you.

Our Happy Hour was simple but well put together. I keep clear glass small plates for hosting parties. They can be dressy or casual depending on what you pair them with. As I said in a previous blog, my style is transitional with statement pieces so I used clear glass plates, silver serving pieces with an adorable printed paper cocktail napkin and an array of wine glasses from my cabinet. I put white hydrangeas (always go with white or neutral flowers, they're classic and classy) in a Waterford vase and served water in a Waterford pitcher. There... dressy and casual making it the best of both worlds...


I served the already prepared app in silver and several people asked for the recipe. I had to break the news that I didn't actually cook but obviously, the job served it's purpose because they thought I had! Remember earlier when I said to add a few fun statement pieces so your guests can see your personality? I left my "Bye Felicia" hand towel on the sink.. It went perfectly with our Top 50 most played songs on Spotify... That's a must for a great Happy Hour or Party! have a good playlist ready to ease the mood! Your music choice determines the mood of your party.

Our home has a gorgeous patio with cafe lights, a couch and a fire pit. Our guests ended up outdoors, sipping wine by the fire. It was quite possibly the best first Happy Hour we could've thrown! Easy, Simple and Fun!