Lovely Locks


I scream. You scream. We all scream for good Hair Care tips! I love to highlight my lovely locks but I have to be careful it's not over treated, over sunned, or over processed. Here, I'll share a few tricks on how to keep your hair healthy + young in the hot summer months!


The number one way to keep healthy hair (+ skin, +weight loss + everything in between), is to stay hydrated! It may sound a little too easy but it's true! If you stay hydrated, your locks will thank you by growing long + strong! Be sure to beat the heat by indulging in 6-8 glasses of H20 every single day. If you need a switch-a-roo, try La Croix sparkling water.



I love hats! I'm a hat wearer year round. Specifically in the summer, I keep my kids blondes' and myself shaded with a hat to protect our scalps + skin from the UV Rays. Sun damage can happen quickly + easily. Grab a cute hat + protect that head of hair from burning in the sun. PS. When are accessories not a good idea? More of my favorite hats, coming soon!


I've been super health conscious lately in what I'm feeding my body + mind. Apply those same principals to your wig! For me, I make sure and choose the healthier option of whatever it is I'm doing at that moment. My makeup + skincare is free of harsh chemical, vegan, gluten free and now, I've chosen the same for my hair! One thing you may already have at home, that's a great all natural protectant for your hair is coconut oil! If you're spending the day outside or poolside, coconut oil is a fantastic, all natural hydrater + UV protectant.


So maybe your hair is wavy or curly. The good news is, wavy hair is in! Let it dry naturally to reduce some of that unnecessary heat by using your hairdryer + hot tools sparingly. If your hair tends to get frizzy, try braiding it while it's wet for a more controlled wave. Often times, I'll sleep with braids in and will wake up to the perfect beach wave. If you're looking for a multi-purpose hydrater, look no further. Click here. This is my go to face, skin + hair oil that is a jack of all trades.


Always spray a leave in conditioner after you wash. A leave in conditioner can help protect your hair from the pool and ocean. We all have our favorites but here is my favorite leave in conditioner.  With these simple steps, you too can have lovely locks!

How do you protect your hair from damage during the summer? I'd love to hear some of your favorite hair tips and tricks!