The Heart of the Beauty


My blog is intended to share my love of Life + Style + Beauty (hence the title) but this is one of those rare occasions that I have to share my heart. So... STOP here if you're easily annoyed by a testimony, pass on by and enjoy the next blog post which will be up stat!

You're still reading! For those of you that hung on...thank you!


I was sent a video this morning & today was the absolute perfect day to receive. As a mom of 3, a wife, a friend, & a business professional for 11+ years, often, I feel defeated and question what I’m doing wrong. Am I doing something wrong? Who's thinking what? Am I too much? Am I enough? (We live in a world that focuses on the negative, fights against the positive and we all are way (with a million A's) too hard on ourselves and others.) Guilty.

When I watched the video I was sent, it all came flooding back. In tears, I realized, who I am is enough. For those of you that don't know, I was in sales for 10 years and decided to quit my job to stay at home after birthing my third child. Shortly after, I started with LimeLife by Alcone, a leading global beauty brand, in Network Marketing. In just two weeks, it was a full blown opportunity.


Everyone assumes that as a Network Marketing Professional, you're annoying. You cold message through social media, make like $100 a month and as a consequence, you're often avoided by many. I find this hilarious because those were my exact thoughts of networkers before jumping into the business.

What I've found along the way is nothing short of what feels to be a winning ticket. There is no better “job,” “profession,” or “industry,” better suited for me. Looking back at my 17 month journey, I get teary over the steps I've taken, the hurdles I’ve overcome to get to where I am, the 2000+ lives that have also changed now on my "team" + the lives of our family of 5 that will forever have their mom home while also taking a BIG burden off my hubby. Starting this journey, has landed me as a LIfe + Style + Beauty Blogger  (& aren't we so glad! LAUGH.)  

This year and a half has had so many upsides and very few down. Though, the downside stings. The downside are the people... the people that may not think your profession is worth a damn or that think you're sitting at home annoying and spamming people or maybe it's those avoiding you, thinking you're going to ask them to join you. Giggle.

Watching the video I received, reminded me of why I do my job. I coach and mentor men and women across the world on how to be a successful entrepreneur from home, create their own happiness and work towards their own dreams versus someone else's. But guess what, it's just a job. Just happens to be a the job I chose... Someone sent me a video that they put together of me doing my thing in my industry, (without my request or knowledge.) To see the video, click here.

At the end of the day, we're all just people. People trying to make a living. People trying to create happiness. People living life. I'm so glad this video was sent to me. I needed a simple reminder and glimpse down memory lane. Now, back to our regular scheduled, non testimonial, blog posts...

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