Men's Skin Care Routine Made Simple


Every man has a  skincare routine even if it's simple. Whether you're washing your face + body with soap in the shower or using a cleanser you've picked up from Walgreens, you wash your face + body! Here, I'll share Marqs routine and favorite products!


Power Start. An Aloe + Eucalyptus Face + Body Wash that exfoliates, hydrates and heals the skin. For men, this is perfect. It's a one stop shop that works wonders for both body +face. Obsessed with this smell on him. He uses this in the shower as a face + body wash.


Cool Down. This moisturizer seems to be the only thing that can fight razor burn + "cools" his skin. Since he's bearded, he only uses this after a shave.

Charcoal Soap. Activated charcoal to rid unwanted acne, fast. This can be used on men and women. Its smell of peppermint + tea tree oil is incredible. Marq uses this as a night time face wash if he has a breakout.

Dew Date. Beard Oil. Enough Said. He adds a little oil in his beard when he needs a little help taming the mane. Ladies, you can use this too as a hydrating face oil. This is my go to product!


There's a reason why the top gifts for men, year after year is skincare + razors! * Ladies, hubby not included with the products. For more on Beauty, click here