This week I turn thirty-four years old. I remember when thirty-something meant you were old. Think back to high school or college and hearing someone say they were in their thirty's... OLD.

"We gone party like it's your birfday!"

"We gone party like it's your birfday!"

Guess what? I'm not old and I often still feel like a baby. How do I have three kids under seven? Actually, I know exactly how I have three kids and I am NOT old.

With age comes experience. I feel like I have experienced a lot, already, in my life. Honestly, I can't wait to experience more. Throw it at me! I've never felt more confident in who I am, what I want, as a wife, mom and as a woman! Sure, I have my moments + my days. But, I actually really love who I've become and the life I have. Here's to thirty-four and 34 things I must do this year!

Thirty-Four things I want to do in the next year...

  1. Throw a massive party.
  2. Take a fall family vacation.
  3. Go overseas...
  4. Take my kids to the mountains.
  5. Play my first tennis match.
  6. Learn + teach my kids a second language.
  7. Close down Raiford's. ---If you haven't been, please come close it down with me!
  8. Connect with an old friend.
  9. Make a new friend.
  10. Road trip with a girlfriend.
  11. Visit Athens. Go, Dawgs!
  12. Change a life.
  13. Have sex all night. /Maybe change his life... (brownchickenbrowncow ;))
  14. Flip 5 houses!
  15. Have a staycation in Memphis! And do the whole Memphis experience!
  16. Take my parents on a dinner date!
  17. Laugh all night with girlfriends by our fire pit.
  18. Hot Tub it in the snow.
  19. Take my kids Christmas Caroling. Can we please bring this back, already?
  20. Attend a Gala.
  21. Progressive Dinner through Memphis. (If you haven't done this, it's SO fun! Apps, Dinner + Dessert at 3 different Restaurants.)
  22. Promote from the ONLY Senior Director in the state of TN with LimeLife by Alcone to the ONLY Lead Platinum in the state of TN!
  23. Big time my Blog.
  24. Rock Memphis Fashion Week year 2!
  25. Fly Private somewhere.
  26. Announce my latest Philanthropy Partnership.
  27. Launch the Brighter Together Foundation State Chapter.
  28. Qualify for Top Earners trip with Coasta Rica!
  29. Learn to live in the moment.
  30. Go Camping! -- + actually sleep outside!
  31. Keep Sundays for church + family.
  32. Sweat 4 times a week.
  33. Speak at an Event.
  34. Become a better version of me!

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