Sponge + Brush Wars

Buh-Bye Blenderful.

BMC Blenderful

Makeup Sponges and Blenderfuls work great when applying foundation, concealer, blending + contouring. After using my damp Blenderful to apply my foundation for over a year, I found that my coverage wasn't as consistent as it was in the beginning. (Or, until I wash or replace my sponge.) Apparently, my Blenderful was eating my product! I would never have known this until I recently used my Foundation Brush! The sponge still has it's place but my-oh-my at how I've fallen for this brush.

Hello, Foundation Brush.

BMC Foundation Brush

First off, the first time I used a Foundation Brush, it cut my application time in half. HALF. I love the way these vegan brushes feel on my skin and how evenly applied it is. I also love that I can still choose my desired light or full coverage . The biggest difference for me is that it gives you an almost photo-shopped or airbrushed look. The Blenderful and Makeup Sponges are great, but the Foundation Brush is fantastic!

After a month of using the Foundation Brush, I will not convert to a sponge for applying foundation. If you’ve been curious about what they can do for you, I encourage you to make the switch! Not only will your product last longer, but you’ll be giving yourself an effortless airbrushed look every time you apply foundation.

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BMC Come Clean

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