8 Simple Steps To Up Your Life


Hey, girl or guy, hey! Okay, so. To say these past 5 weeks have been crazy is an UNDERstatement. Whew! The kids are getting back into their routine by starting back to school and I'm finally getting back on schedule! Praise Jesus. My new house has been getting renovated upstairs from an unfortunate water issue and it has just about set me over the edge...

I'm sharing 8 easy ways to change your life for the better! For those that have followed me since the beginning, you know I'm all about living your best life and being your best self. These are simple things I’ve been doing to make sure my days are great and life continues to be good, even through the Cobb Chaos.

1.) Set your alarm 20 minutes before your house awakens.

As a mom of three, I get waking up to chaos, which can completely set the tone for your day. Set an alarm 20 minutes before anyone in the house wakes, so you can have those minutes to wake up or have coffee in peace. Trust me, it will completely change your day. Don't have kids or a hubby yet? Still, set your alarm 20 minutes before your day "starts" to allow yourself time to think and have your favorite coffee or tea. There is really something magical about those solo minutes.

2.) Read 20 minutes a day--self-help content.

Find a motivational, self development, the Bible or some kind of content that speaks to you that will allow you to grow. As a total self development junkie, I read daily. You guys... trust me... 20 minutes of positive readings can do wonders for the mind. Healthy in... Healthy out.

3.) Help one person per day.

Help at least one person per day. This can be as simple as opening the door for someone, smiling at someone, or telling someone something nice about themselves. Again, this will change your world. Empowering others, empowers you. Nothing feels better than being able to help someone feel good. You don't have to spend money to influence someones life. I find true joy in making others feel good.

4.) Choose the healthier option.

Don't leave me just yet. I know what you're thinking. "Bye Felicia." Hear me out. If you choose the healthier option on two of three of your meals, you can seriously eat anything you want. In moderation, of course. I'm not much of a diet person. But, I always choose the healthier option... and I can eat what I want without gaining lbs.

5.) Ask for help.

All you control freaks out there... Ask for help! Extreme control freak here and guess what-- asking for help and getting it, has changed my world. It takes a village people.... let your tribe help out. Getting help around the house, with the kids, in my job... all of it. Allow others to help!

6.) Have sex often.

This applies for you married couples only... see Surviving Co-Parentingif you're not married, to help reinforce why you should wait. Sorry, not sorry. Everyone has a number of how many times you should have sex per week. Double it. Life will go smoother and you'll be happier! For more benefits on why sex is great, other than the obvious, click here.

7.) Stay positive.

Nothing is more draining than negativity. It’s so important to stay positive in life, even when you aren’t necessarily feeling positive. So, this tip seems easy. We’ve all been told to stay positive, but how do you actually do it? For starters, stop complaining. Just stop. Don’t even utter a complaint under your breath. Surround yourself with positive people. Limit yourself around those who drain you. Let the negative Nancy's go! Odds are if they're negative and your positive, they won't love you anyway.

8.) Move 30 minutes per day.

Get off your tush and move! It is NOT that hard to be active for 30 minutes a day. I’m not talking about how I think you should go running 5 miles, llift weights, or have a high intensity workout. I'm just saying, 30 minutes of anything where you're moving increases endorphins. 30 minutes a day of walking the dog, strolling the kids, gardening, hiking, house work….anything! Your body was born to move. You know the old saying….move it, or lose it!

What other things would you recommend to improve the quality of your life? Remember, your life will not change unless you change your lifestyle. Habits are an essential part of a lifestyle change, and habits take 30 days to form.

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