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Gates Cobb

Today, like any other day, I dropped my oldest two kids off at school and walked in to PDO (Parents Day Out) to drop off my third, and absolutely precious, baby Gates. His teacher asked me if he was having a party tomorrow. I politely said I" don't think so." She asked again, you're not having a party for him tomorrow? Again, I said, "No, what's tomorrow?" And then it hit me...

"Tomorrow" was and is his two year birthday!! (Insert mini panic attack.) "Oh GATES! Tomorrow is your birthday, baby boy!!" There were three ladies gently rocking their babies on their hips waiting behind me to drop them off. The looks on their faces were priceless! I awkwardly laughed and said, "third child problems," with a big smile. And slowly walked past them and then sprinted for the door.

Brittany Myers Cobb

Don't judge yet! I skipped the gym and went straight to Target. Give yourself a break, people. Not one person has it all together. It seems like if knocking it out of the park in one area, I'm bombing in another. It's all about balance... and working towards mastering it... Clearly, I'm still not even close. But, since I had a total #momfail, Gates gets his own blog post!

My Gator Bug is literally THE cutest baby I have ever seen. He still doesn't speak but he can nod his head yes or no and if he agrees he says "Okaaaay!" --Really Loud! If you ask him a question, his standard answer, "K." --Very short. He loves running, singing, shaking his big booty, (I taught him to twerk. (#badmom.)) He's independent but loves his Bubba and "Wakee." This dude has my heart strings. 

Happy Birthday Gates Cobb! You are more loved than you will ever know!!

Gates Cobb

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Gates Cobb