Da' Realest MVP

BMC Blog: Summer Hats

Major Husband brag. 

I talk about my business a lot on here (literally & figuratively) but what I don’t do enough is brag on my hubby. 

I ran across a memory posted January 1, last year, telling you guys how Marq sold 305 houses in 2017!!  I called Marq and reminded him about the post and asked him how many he sold this year! Very humble, he said in 2018 I had 307 contracts... 

I KNOW he works hard and we talk daily about his successes but WHAT?!?! Marq Cobb works his Ass off to support our family. Last year, I focused so much on my business and our teams successes & while yes— I owe a lot of my success to my incredible team— the real MVP goes to Marq Cobb. He supports me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY in this journey of life, all while having a WILDLY AMAZING career himself! 

I am so so so proud of you Marq Cobb and am very grateful to be your partner and wife! 

You da realest of em’ all. For more on Cobb Chaos, click here.