Fresh Start


Let’s chat skin care regimens, shall we? After two years of my regimen, I'm convinced it's the reason my skin stays so healthy and clear! Do you need a Fresh Start?

Prior to my current brand, I wasn’t picky, as long as it was expensive… I thought that’s what really mattered when it came to “quality beauty products.” And as for Marq (the hubs,) he had Clean and Clear in his shower since about age 12… woof!

Friends, I have a better option for you!

Here’s a natural-based cleanser and moisturizer that will work in combination to get you on a path to even more radiant skin. All Natural, Vegan + Gluten Free. Yeah, none of that mattered to me in the beginning either… but I’ve found a new love for skincare. (Yes, it’s affordable yet effective!)

  1. Quench Cleanse Face Wash 2. Skin Therapy 3. One Drop Wonder an occasional Dew Date and a six week Hydrafacial. (once every six weeks!)

Quench Cleanse because it's going to get everything off of your face at once... mascara... all of it. It foams and lathers and smells so fresh... Skin Therapy hydrates and refreshes but doesn’t have a thick consistency. ODW because it rebuilds and protects… seriously a catch all. It does everything and I use it on my kids daily. Dew Date because I’m obsessed with a good face oil to add the perfect glow under my makeup and the occasional Hydrafacial to help deep clean + extract pores which will give you the absolute best-long lasting glow ever! If you’re not currently plugged into a medspa and have them on rotation—consider this your pro tip! Memphis— A Beautiful You MedSpa is where I’ve been going this past year and love it!!

For skincare samples, simply respond with your address! To get yours, click here.