New Year, New Skin

BMC Skin

It's cold outside, the weather is dry which means our skin is too! New Year, Same You - but let's winterize our skin and bring back that healthy glow! Here are my top 6 product picks that will help give you- 
your BEST look!

Step 1. Quench Cleanse

LimeLife_Skin Care_Quench Cleanse_large.jpg

Girl, wash your face with our mild yet effective face cleaner! This focuses on hydrating and balancing and helps with sun damage and aging. Washing your face on a daily basis will help rid dead skin and bacteria.

Step 2. Skin Polish

LimeLife_Skin Care_Skin Polish_small.jpg

Exfoliate Regularly! With dry + cold weather comes dead skin cells. This lemon exfoliant hydrates, balances and reduces inflammation! 

Step 3. Skin Therapy

Hydrate on the inside, Hydrate on the outside! This face moisturizer will immediately restore dry, aged, inflamed skin.

LimeLife_Skin Care_Skin therapy_small.jpg

Step 4. One Drop Wonder

ODW is a MUST HAVE, party people.This little bottle is an essential oil that completely repairs skin cells and helps common skin issues like rosacea, rashes, stretch marks, scars.. ect. You need this.

LimeLife_Skin Care_One Drop Wonder_small-2.jpg

Step 5. Bamboo Renew


Exfoliate your body! This daily scrub gently foams, exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. You can also use this before you shave for an extra smooth finish..

Step 6. Forty Cure Cream

LimeLife_Skin Care_Forty Cure Creme_small.jpg

This is a fantastic hand and body cream. The key to healthy skin is moisturizing! After you exfoliate, this creme is used to treat dry skin, wounds, rashes, burns, eczema, rosacea, and many other things... 

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XO, Britt