Strong Women

And ALL the Women say Amen!


“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” – Lao Tzu

It is human nature to want to be liked and accepted.  Duh..... However, this often leads to people worrying too much about what others are thinking about them.

This kind of excessive worrying can have a negative effect on your life. It can be so debilitating that it interferes with your ability to feel at ease with yourself and around others.

Do not let it prevent you from living your life to the fullest potential

I’ve seen far too many people have mediocre lives because they care so much what other people think of them.

Nobody will ever be as invested in your life as you. Only you know what is best for you, and that entails learning from your own choices.

The only way you will ever truly learn is through making your own decisions, taking full responsibility for them, and that way if you do fail, at least you can learn from it wholeheartedly, as opposed to blaming somebody else.

If you are constantly worried about what other people think, you will never get to where you need to go in life. You are going to have to do things that don’t always meet people’s standards.

You will come into situations where you have to put your pride, and your reputation on the line to get what you want.

If you are constantly worried about what people are thinking, you will never have the will to do what’s right.

Let’s celebrate Women, each other and YOU for who YOU are and chasing YOUR dreams for YOUR family without the care or acceptance of others.

Shout out the women who inspire you most!