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Surviving Co-Parenting

Many of you have heard me talk about my story and having my surprise baby, Jacks. This past weekend I was flying home from a business trip with a friend who asked me to share my story with her. We were on the plane and obv had the time, so I started from the beginning. I found myself in tears, walking her through my story and remembering every detail like it was yesterday, which, has really sparked me to share with all of you.. I wanted to voice the challenges but share how we make it as good as possible for everyone involved.

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Health, Family + Happiness

It's my year anniversary of the day my life changed forever. The first week in June of 2017 my husband, 10 month old, 2.5 year old and 5 year old spent our Sunday afternoon at the pool. After telling the pharmacist that I had a horrible headache, leg & neck pain, she told him to rush me to the hospital that I had meningitis and that if not seen immediately, I could die. I remember it like it was yesterday. "Ma'am, You have bacterial meningitis. I need you both to put on these masks. We're going to lay these suits over you both and wheel you to ICU." I LOST IT.

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