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Real Life Bad Mom

Today, like any other day, I dropped my oldest two kids off at school and walked in to PDO (Parents Day Out) to drop off my third, and absolutely precious, baby Gates. His teacher asked me if he was having a party tomorrow. I politely said I" don't think so." She asked again, you're not having a party for him tomorrow? Again, I said, "No, what's tomorrow?" And then it hit me...

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Surviving Co-Parenting

Many of you have heard me talk about my story and having my surprise baby, Jacks. This past weekend I was flying home from a business trip with a friend who asked me to share my story with her. We were on the plane and obv had the time, so I started from the beginning. I found myself in tears, walking her through my story and remembering every detail like it was yesterday, which, has really sparked me to share with all of you.. I wanted to voice the challenges but share how we make it as good as possible for everyone involved.

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