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Halloween Chex Mix

It’s almost Halloween and it’s a rainy weekend here in Memphis, so I thought I would share a fun recipe that’s an easy snack for an adult party or the absolute best surprise you can give your kids for an in home movie night! As always, if you’re hosting a Halloween party, this is an adorable yet tasty pop of color to add to your spread.

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Wilted Salad with Feta, Walnuts + Honey

Cool enough to turn on the oven but warm enough for ice cream... September, you are the best!

Something about Fall means I want to stay in the kitchen! I don't know if it's the cooler temps, the thought of cooking to the sound of Football or playing on Pinterest with a cup of coffee + watching the leaves fall... Regardless, September is my month in the kitchen!

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Real Life Bad Mom

Today, like any other day, I dropped my oldest two kids off at school and walked in to PDO (Parents Day Out) to drop off my third, and absolutely precious, baby Gates. His teacher asked me if he was having a party tomorrow. I politely said I" don't think so." She asked again, you're not having a party for him tomorrow? Again, I said, "No, what's tomorrow?" And then it hit me...

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8 Simple Steps To Up Your Life

Hey, girl or guy, hey! Okay, so. To say these past 5 weeks have been crazy is an UNDERstatement. Whew! The kids are getting back into their routine by starting back to school and I'm finally getting back on schedule! Praise Jesus. I'm sharing 8 easy ways to change your life for the better! For those that have followed me since the beginning, you know I'm all about living your best life and being your best self. These are simple things I’ve been doing to make sure my days are great and life continues to be good, even through the Cobb Chaos.

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